Prolync supports three state of the art computer simulation packages. As detailed
below, each of the three tools is used for it's most suitable function. Each of these tools permits taking the art out of systems
design in favor of science to project system
behaviour. Each is very capable when
applied properly with the results well
understood for what they do as well
as do not mean.




Process & Logistics - Tecnomatix


  • 2D and 3D Capability
  • Direct Layout Import
  • Direct VSM Import
  • Robust Process Definition
  • SPC Capability
  • Object Oriented/Efficient
  • Optimization Tools
  • Robotics Modeling
  • Human/Ergonomics Modeling



Material Handling - AutoMod


  • Excellent Rendering Capability
  • Rich Material Handling Libraries
  • Suitable for Conveyor & AGV Models
  • Down Side/Modest Effort Investment



Machine Tool - 3ds Max


  • Excellent Rendering Capability
  • Adequate Kinematics Tools







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